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What is Spinach?

It is a leaf vegetable which grown in the temperate regions of the world. It is green in color and is a good source of iron and calcium.

There are three main types of the vegetable: Savoy, smooth leaf and semi-savoy. Savoy has dark green, crinkly and curly leaves and is the most common type available in supermarkets. Smooth leaf has smooth, broad leaves that make it easier to clean than the savoy variety. This type is usually grown for use in canned and frozen spinech and soups. Semi-savoy is a hybrid with slightly crinkled leaves and the same texture as savoy, but it is not so tricky to clean.

References in Popular Culture

Spinich was made famous by Popeye the Sailor, a comic strip and cartoon character who became much stronger after eating the vegetable. The origin of this is largely as result of the iron content being mistakenly reported ten times the actual amount in the 1930's.

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